Asia Capital Asset Management Pte Ltd operates as an investment holding to facilitate food related businesses with private equity. It also provides consultancy services that streamline merger and acquisition activities. The company has a keen eye and business acumen restructuring food related businesses optimizing them to their fullest potential to become profitable enterprises. This company serves as the brain center to restructure food related businesses to enable them to grow in the most efficient manner. Asia Capital Asset Management is extremely resourceful in its consultancy and advisory functions for merger and acquisitions and also to provide the necessary funding from within its internal resources.

It has capabilities to develop customized central kitchen solutions, food concepts, cleaning and sanitation programs and is focused on procurement and marketing of food items within the Asia Pacific Region.

Our key business areas comprises
  • Private Equity - Other than funding through our internal resources, we have private equity partners that consists of Venture Capitalists and Angel investors. We provide financial capital to high potential start-up companies at an early stage.

  • Consultancy for Merger and Acquisition - We provide both aspects of strategic management dealing with buying, selling, restructuring different companies which can help enterprises to grow rapidly in their related sectors.

Asia Capital Asset Management Pte Ltd

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